Card Finishing


We  help make your card carriers stand out by adding your unique message to one or both sides quickly and easily. Our process lets you print cardholder-specific, customized messages with laser-quality, high-resolution printing. With this efficient process, you can take advantage of one-to-one personalization while reducing inventory costs, waste, and postage costs. Our equipment also provides multiple card personalization options all inline, including thermal printing, embossing, encoding, or all three on one card.

Thermal Printing

This is a flat personalization process that requires gloss plastic cards of 18 to 33 mil thickness. This versatile method allows for the transfer of fonts, images or barcodes at 240 dpi to either side of the card. A wide range of font styles and sizes are available, along with a large selection of colors. The higher, laser-like quality, great durability and flexibility of thermal printing make it a great choice for all run volumes. Thermal printing can be done along either the horizontal or vertical axis of the card.

Card Embossing

This is a process of personalizing plastic cards using punches and dies to create raised characters on cards. Embossing has a higher perceived quality and durability. Laminated plastic cards are preferred when embossed as credit cards, whereas the direct mail market may prefer the economies of surface printed, UV coated plastic cards for high runs. Two sizes of characters are available—OCR and A/N. The embossing can then be tipped with a variety of colors. Embossing can only be done along the horizontal axis of the card. Along with front embossing we have the capability to print rear indent numbers for credit cards.

U.V. Ink Jet Printing

The U.V. Ink Jet has high graphic resolution (up to 660 dpi), and is considered an economical choice for high volume plastic card personalization. The Ink Jet system can be applied to laminated, surface printed or UV coated cards with good durability. Ink jetting is available in black only with a choice of multiple fonts.

Laser Printing

Laser printing is an economical way of personalizing card carriers. Laser printing provides a professional look to your personalized marketing piece. Simplex or duplex laser options are available.


Putting it all together can be the greatest challenge to success. With high-speed match affixing equipment, you can count on us to accurately put all the pieces of your project together in a timely matter. We provide multiple options for affixing; generic, barcode, magnetic-stripe and OCR. To accompany our affixing capabilities, we offer only the best inline inkjet personalization options and camera systems, as well as folding, pattern gluing, labeling, scoring, perforating, and packaging.


From shrink wrapping to special bundling and labeling, we consistently meet the needs and requirements of our customers. If necessary, we will add equipment or bring in a crew for hand assembly. Whatever it takes, we’ll get the job done right and on time.


We  utilize Mail Manager 2010 from BCC software to handle the data processing, printing, mail fulfillment and more to make your mailing easy, affordable and effective. We utilize the latest postal technologies to process your data to ensure quick and accurate mailings to your target audience.

We also offer optimized postal presorts to ensure full mailing discounts by utilizing CASS (coding accuracy support system), which verifies the zip +4 matching meets the strict USPS standards. The zip + 4 code is at the center of automation postage discounts and is the foundation of efficient mail processing, handling and delivery. A wrongly assigned ZIP + 4 CODE can cause a mail piece to be misrouted or undeliverable. Mail manager is PAVE-certified across 26 different preparation methods for the three primary classes of mail: First class, Periodical and standard mailing to maximize the presort of all files. We can accommodate almost any type of data format and streamlined database maintenance and intuitive design lets you do more with your data lists. Improved mail piece deliverability for better end results and higher customer satisfaction.

Lower postal costs to the customer and more accurate postage reports help the customer estimate their up front postage costs.