How to Order


Orders for in-between quantities may not be acceptable. For grouping purposes orders must be in listed catalog quantities.

Fall Orders

Orders received after August 15 may require additional time for production. Please keep this in mind and order early.

Placing an Order

  • Check for accuracy and completeness. This will help avoid error and delay.
  • Copy must be clear and legible and comply with product space limitations. Unusual
    spellings, layouts, copy changes, special inks, etc., must be noted.
  • Check proofs carefully to ensure that type arrangement, copy, and cuts are correct.
  • Acceptance constitutes complete approval to produce the order.
  • Repeat orders that have sample attached and/or complete copy and reference to
    a previous order will flow through our facility quicker.
  • All confirmations of faxed orders must be clearly marked (Confirming Order).
  • All orders are subject to 10 percent over or under run.
  • When inquiring about an order, please refer to the Order Acknowledgment Number.

Instructions for Artwork Submission

  • Please prepare artwork to size and include accurate crop and registration marks.
  • Image should be positioned at least 1/8” in from cut lines.
  • Allow 1/8” over cut lines for bleed images.
  • Reverse imprints should be bold and at least 6 pts at the thinnest part of the character, as fine serif or script type will fill in.
  • All colors need to be properly defined as process or spot (do not use RGB colors).
  • Send all fonts used in your artwork and include fonts used in linked graphics.
  • Use vector or line art for images and save text as vector or outlines. Do not send JPEGs for art or text files.
  • Submit art files at not less than 300 dpi at 100%
  • Ruler scales must bleed at least 1/8” and the shortest increment of the scales by be 1/8” from the cut edges.
  • Items requiring hole punches must have 1/8” clearance from cut edge and/or from imprint to hole placement.

We support Mac versions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, QuarkXPress, Corel Draw and Macromedia Freehand (some programs may be subject to extra system time charges.)

We also support PC versions of Microsoft Word, Publisher and PowerPoint.

Production Time

We have an excellent on-time record. Please make a special note on your order if you require delivery in less than our normal production time. (Rush deliveries may incur additional cost.)