Cawley Plastic Printing Qualifying for GRACoL7 for 2011

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With the purchase of a new fuji Javelin 8300 digital plate maker, Oris Color Tuner Pro Software and an Epson Stylus Pro 7900 Inkjet Proofing device, Cawley Plastic Printing is well on our way to being GRACoL 7 certified by early 2011.

GRACol qualification will provide proof-to-print program that lets our customers know their colors will look the same as they did last time—and next time—whether they print in Seattle, Miami, or Minneapolis. Locally and nationally, Cawley’s customers can depend on a spectrum of color consistency across a range of printing platforms.

GRACoL stands for General Requirements for Applications in Commercial offset Lithography, a comprehensive set of guidelines for planning and processing work for printers. GRACoL pertains to all offset lithographic processes and print applications except those covered by SNAP and SWOP, two other industry standards for specific types of printing.

Many customers are demanding GRACoL, and are using it as an internal proofing standard. While in the past high-end agencies and color houses have used Kodak Approvals or Matchprints as standards, once they switch to inkjet proofing there is no reason to be tied to those proprietary standards. GRACoL is on its way to becoming a standard for many top agencies and print creators.

Please contact us with any questions in regard to GRACoL and how we can provide you with consistent high quality printing with color match proofing available.

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